#ACBSP4Change: Collecting “Pencils for Philly” to Benefit the School District of Philadelphia

Change is at the root of ACBSP’s mission and vision. At ACBSP, we truly believe that it takes one person to make a difference. How great would it be if that was you?

In efforts to give back to our conference host city, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we’re running the “Pencils for Philly” campaign. We’re asking each ACBSP member school to make an in-kind donation of pencils for support the campaign. Individual donations are encouraged as well. There are two ways you can join the effort. The first and recommended option requires you to bring pencils with you to ACBSP Conference 2015 in June. If you will not be attending the conference this year, or do not wish to bring pencils with you, a check or money order may be mailed to the ACBSP World Headquarters and pencils will be purchased on your behalf. Pencils collected will benefit schools in the Philadelphia area. Keep up with the campaign status by periodically visiting acbsp.org, or by tracking the hashtag #ACBSP4Change on Twitter.


Thank you to all who contributed to the “Pencils for Philly” campaign. We presented the School District of Philadelphia with more than 47,000 pencils and a check for $1,200.

Karen James, Director, Parent University and Call Center Operations in the Office of Family and Community Engagement, School District of Philadelphia, with ACBSP President/CEO Jeffrey Alderman.