A Look Into the New ACBSP.org

At ACBSP, we strongly believe in continuous improvement. It is a vital part of the ACBSP accreditation process. While our membership is busy continuously improving their business programs and processes, we’re continuously improving our own processes to maximize member benefits. In recent years, we’ve been focusing on improving the digital technologies we utilize, from the online accreditation portal to a new mobile app for the annual conference. After a year of hard work and dedication, we would like to introduce to you the new and improved ACBSP.org.

In 2015, there were more than 200,000 website visits to ACBSP.org. More than 22% of these visits came from a mobile device or tablet. Additional feedback was gathered from the Digital Media Communications Committee, ACBSP Staff, and the membership. With the new design, our goal is to allow prospective members to find valuable information to learn about ACBSP’s membership and accreditation process, as well as allowing members to quickly access the information that is crucial for them. Best of all, our website is now mobile responsive, which means you can now conveniently access all of the information that you need at your fingertips.

As you navigate through the site, you will find the new homepage layout provides a snapshot of ACBSP with “Discover ACBSP.” a deeper look into the accreditation process via “Explore Accreditation,” and easy access for users to “Find Accredited Programs” nearby.

In the middle of the homepage, you’ll find the “Featured News” section. Because we like to keep you informed, the most important ACBSP news stories will live here. Towards the bottom of the page, you’ll find areas that members access frequently, such as regions, events, or resources. We call this the “member menu.” This sums up Phase 1 of the website redesign. There’s plenty more to come in 2017.

A new design means things have moved around! If you’re looking for the governing boards or committees, it may seem that this information is no longer available. Don’t worry, once you login to the website with your username and password, you will find these pages available via the “membership” tab on the navigation bar. Additionally, the Staff & Departments page can now be found under the “Contact Us” page. We’ve got you covered.

What to Expect in 2017…

A New Career Center


If you love our Career Center now, wait until you see the new one. The Career Center will soon allow you to upload your résumé and instantly submit your application to positions that interest you. Additionally, our member institutions will be able to place ads for vacant positions with ease and with the ability to create a sponsored ad for the posting. The new design is refreshing and convenient for both job-seekers and employers looking for their next hire. Be on the lookout!

A New Blog: ACBSP Impact


Since 1988, ACBSP has been impacting communities all around the world, including students, faculty, business school leadership, small businesses, corporations and more. The ACBSP Impact blog, which you’re reading this post on, will be a one-stop to find information about what’s happening with ACBSP, our members, and the impact of it all. We are looking to expanding our thought leader circle. If you’re interested in writing for the ACBSP Impact, email mkhan@acbsp.org.

A New Member Engagement Platform


When the member engagement portal is activated, you’ll see a different picture when you login to acbsp.org. The portal will serve as the new backend and features a social media-like design to help facilitate engagement. You’ll be able to share your thoughts easily with the ACBSP community and post trending higher-ed news, which will appear in the newsfeed. You’ll have easy access to the Career Center, a member directory, groups, messages from your inbox, connections and more.

A New Digital Format for Business Education Week


Each Friday morning since September 2003, ACBSP members have received an email with a link to download Business Education Week, a membership benefit exclusively for ACBSP members. Articles cover trending topics in business education and higher ed, updates from the ACBSP home office, announcements of upcoming events and deadlines, and ACBSP members in the news. Beginning January 6, 2017, Business Education Week will transition to a blog format.