ACBSP’s Commitment to Racial Equality

It is with heavy hearts that we address our members today.

While words in themselves are inadequate to express our collective response of sorrow and frustration, we are mindful of the changes that need to occur to eliminate generations of discrimination and injustice.

The death of George Floyd is unspeakably tragic and these incidents of brutality must end.

As our nation mourns, we share a duty to eliminate the stain that racism has left on society. While these issues do not naturally enter into the purview of accreditation, it is evident they are at the heart of what we must address together. There is much work to do and ACBSP is committed to furthering this pursuit.

Communities are hurting right now and we share that pain and the hope for turning racial inequality into racial equality. All of us must look internally and work together to root out the inequities and prejudices that continue to manifest in our culture.

Peaceful protests are an integral, powerful and essential right in our democracy. It has been inspiring to witness such voices seeking true change. It is our hope this message is another voice in the conversation that needs to happen. We have confidence our country will now move closer to the standards of justice and compassion that we expect, not only in the United States, but in the entire global community.

Grounded in the mission of ACBSP are our core values which require leadership as a first step for improvement and this principle means more than just leadership in the classroom.

It is this guiding vision with respect for all, inclusiveness, and responsibility that is paramount to our role within higher education and in service to our members.

We are so grateful to be associated with 1,200 member campuses and 12,000+ individual members who work to spread goodness each day to their students and colleagues.

No matter how difficult it gets, or the setbacks and shortcomings we will undoubtedly experience on such a journey, we will continue to remain steadfast in fostering inclusive excellence throughout the Accreditation for Business Schools and Programs.

Kim Wong, Chair, ACBSP Board of Directors 
Central New Mexico Community College

Bruce Stetar, Chair-Elect 
Western Governors University

Debbie Gaspard, Vice Chair 
Metropolitan Community College 

Jeffrey Alderman, ACBSP President & CEO

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