Congratulations to our 2020 International Teaching Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to Christopher Speicher, Marywood University, PA (ACBSP Region 2), 2020 International Teaching Excellence Award Winner for Baccalaureate/Graduate Degree Schools.

“Dr. Speicher’s particular area of professional success is entrepreneurship—to which his achievements are second to none,” said Art Comstock, Ph.D., Executive Director, School of Business & Global Innovation at Marywood University, who nominated Dr. Speicher for the award. “He regularly mentors and prepares students for our regional Business Plan Competition in which the 14 colleges and universities within Northeastern Pennsylvania participate. His success with students in this competition is unprecedented—having mentored three of the last six competition winners, including a recent first-place, second-place, and third-place finish all in the same year.”

Congratulations to Augustine Boakye Essex County Community College, N.J. (ACBSP Region 1), 2020 International Teaching Excellence Award Winner for Associate Degree Schools.

“Dr. Boakye brings an extensive business background as well as academic experience to the table, which produces an insightful, meaningful discussion on multiple levels,” said Dr. Leigh M. Bello-de Castro, Associate Dean, West Essex Campus and Online Education at Essex County College, who recommended Dr. Boakye for the award. “Dr. Boakye’s classes consistently are highly enrolled and his students sing nothing but his praises in the classroom.”

“The Teaching Excellence Award is always a highlight for the entire ACBSP membership,” said Deborah Gaspard, Teaching Excellence Committee chair. “From the innovators, to the experts, to those special leaders going above and beyond, the Teaching Excellence Award allows us to collectively recognize and honor those faculty members making a difference on our campuses and in the lives of our students.”

ACBSP recognizes the significance of the classroom teacher to the mission of degree-granting institutions. It is for this reason that the Associate Degree Commission of ACBSP established the International Teaching Excellence Award in 1995 to recognize outstanding classroom teachers. In 2002, the Baccalaureate Degree Commission created a similar award to recognize excellence in teaching at the baccalaureate degree level. ACBSP is the only specialized accrediting body for business schools that presents an award recognizing excellence in teaching.