Board of Directors Approves New Mission, Vision, and Core Value Statements for ACBSP

The Board of Directors voted this fall to revise the ACBSP Mission and Vision Statements to better reflect the direction of the organization, now in its 32nd year, and steer ACBSP towards the future. The Board also proposed a set of Core Values to support the new Mission and Vision Statements.

ACBSP Mission Statement 

ACBSP’s global mission is to pursue a better tomorrow by advancing and recognizing excellence in business education through continuous improvement.

ACBSP Vision Statement 

ACBSP’s global vision is to see every business program of quality accredited and pursuing continuous improvement.

ACBSP Core Values

  • Dynamic Leadership – Businesses programs and schools should employ ethical, diverse, and inclusive leadership practices that support the pursuit of quality business education. Dynamic leadership includes seeking partnerships that strengthen business-education processes and enhance student learning.
  • Quality, Learning-Centered Education – The development of future business leaders is enhanced though quality teaching. Quality instruction   includes teaching students with a global perspective on active, life­long learning and development of problem-solving skills.
  • Social Advancement – Business education should emphasize the opportunity to positively improve communities and influence society by prioritizing diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • Organizational Learning – Business programs should pursue regular cycles of planning, execution, assessment, and evaluation of results to improve every process and system. Programs should include clear learning objectives, while considering student needs, the changing environment, and an effective means for gauging student progress.
  • Continuous Improvement – Quality business systems, processes, and programs incorporate an evidence-based model of continuous improvement to facilitate excellence in global business education. Business programs’ performance systems should focus on results that reflect and balance the needs and interests of students and all stakeholders.

“ACBSP believes in the process of continuous quality improvement and that means that it is constantly reviewing its own policies, processes and procedures for opportunities to improve,” said Dr. Bruce Stetar, Chair, ACBSP Board of Directors. “This is part of an initiative started by Chairman Kim Wong last year. These statements reflect the fundamentals that ACBSP believes will drive the organization forward over the next five to ten years and which will best serve the needs of its member institutions and individuals.”