Dr. Larry Zachrich Awarded Emeritus Status

There are a few ACBSP member names that are synonymous with our organization. Members who, for more than 30 years, have not only adhered to ACBSP’s mission to pursue a better tomorrow by advancing and recognizing excellence in business education through continuous improvement, and its global vision to see every business program of quality accredited and pursuing continuous improvement. They live out the mission and vision of ACBSP through a lifetime of service to the organization and its members.

One such member is someone to whom the ACBSP Board of Directors recently granted Emeritus Status—Dr. Larry Zachrich.

Since 1991, Dr. Larry Zachrich has served in every available volunteer role, many times overlapping roles, working alongside the ACBSP Accreditation Team to make sure members have everything they need to successfully achieve and maintain ACBSP accreditation of their business programs.

An Impressive ACBSP Résumé

Dr. Zachrich has served as ACBSP champion for Northwest State Community College; peer review evaluator; mentor; member and chair of the Associate Degree Board of Commissioners; member and 2005-06 President of the Board of Directors; member and 2020-21 Chair of the Accreditation Governance Board (AGB); contractor; member and chair of numerous committees, including the Strategic Planning Committee; and as part of the ACBSP staff as Associate Director of Accreditation and more recently, Accreditation Coordinator. His work has taken him throughout most of the United States and to several other countries.

Dr. Zachrich has earned degrees in Business Administration, Education, and the Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration in 1993. He has taught business classes at Northwest State Community College since 1978. Dr. Zachrich has served as Dean of Business, Dean of Engineering Technology, and Dean of Arts & Sciences. He has managed employer relationships for student internships and also led the process of prior learning assessment.

Dr. Zachrich has made numerous presentations at educational and business conferences across the country. His contributions to the educational community include service on the Holgate Local Board of Education, textbook reviewer for publishers, leadership in the development of a national business assessment test, and service on regional Boards of Directors.

Something not found on his vitae but just as important to ACBSP members and staff is the loyalty and friendship Dr. Zachrich displays to all who know him.

Amy Ross, Chair of the Associate Degree Board of Commissioners, who put forth the recommendation to the Board of Directors to grant Dr. Zachrich Emeritus Member Status, said: “I have worked with Larry for 15 years through ACBSP. He is a true professional. He has always been willing to share his knowledge regarding accreditation and education. I have served on several boards and site visits with him. His ability to bridge the college’s process to ACBSP standards is amazing. He always goes the extra mile to ensure everyone feels included. I am very blessed to be able to call Larry my friend.”

“I have worked with Larry at ACBSP for over 15 years now and he has always been a constant source of encouragement, wisdom and advice,” said ACBSP Board Chair Dr. Bruce Stetar. “He has worked tirelessly for ACBSP over the years and I can say without reservation that this organization is as successful as it is today in no small part because of his efforts. Larry truly embodies the things that are at the heart of what is great about ACBSP.”

ACBSP Board Chair-Elect Debbie Gaspard said: “Working with Dr. Larry Zachrich is like taking a master class. The only thing more impressive about Larry’s breadth of knowledge and expertise is his generosity and willingness to invest in his time into making others betters. Dr. Zachrich personifies excellence in teaching in higher education and service through ACBSP. I have the highest regard for Larry as a professional and as a friend.”

“Dr. Larry Zachrich’s volunteer leadership is invaluable to ACBSP and above all to accreditation,” said Dr. Steve Parscale, Chief Accreditation Officer. “He is uniquely competent in all accreditation processes.”

“Larry has always been a welcoming face of ACBSP. He was one of the first individuals I got to know, and he volunteered to help me with any accreditation questions I had.” — Lakshmy Sivaratnam, Treasurer, ACBSP Board of Directors.

Dr. Zachrich is the 32nd person to be added to an honor roll of ACBSP’s most esteemed leaders.

“Simply put, ACBSP would not be the prestigious and respected organization it is today without the enduring dedication and stewardship of Dr. Zachrich for our organization,” comments ACBSP President & CEO Jeffrey Alderman. “The depths of Larry’s contributions are immeasurable and I join our leadership to congratulating him for this deserving recognition.”

Let Dr. Zachrich know how much he means to ACBSP. Join us in wishing him well in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Larry Zachrich Awarded Emeritus Status

  1. Larry, working with you has been one of the joys of my life. Thank you for doing so much for ACBSP and thank you for being who you are. You are one of the best people on earth and I am extremely for having the opportunity to have worked with you for so many years.

  2. Congratulations, Larry! This honour couldn’t have gone to a more deserving gentleman, mentor, and educator. You lead by example. God bless you.

  3. Congratulations Larry! You have served as an invaluable resource and dear friend during my time at ACBSP. Thank you for your service! Best wishes on your transition and please keep in touch!