Peregrine’s EvaluSkills: Assessing Soft Skill Learning Outcomes Using 360-Degree Assessment Approach

EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment is a soft skills assessment service based on 360-degree assessments used in the business world but adapted for higher education. The perspectives of peers, supervisors, advisors, mentors, and colleagues are gathered using an online 360-degree assessment process to provide feedback on the individual’s behavior and performance from a variety of sources. This process provides an objective and accurate measure of skills essential to success in the workplace, giving learners and faculty an in-depth understanding of areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Peregrine provides the adopting institution with a database of soft skills from which they can choose those that are most important to them for assessment, based on their intended outcomes. Since the list of available skills is so extensive, EvaluSkills includes instrument templates based on the program’s learning goals which the institution can edit or adapt to fit their purpose, including the ability to add soft skill rubrics developed by the institution, or upload versions translated into another language.

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