ACBSP Development In China Ongoing Despite Pandemic

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, almost every country and region has been fighting against the pandemic. In many countries, like China, strict policy and rules were established to prevent the virus outspread. Universities, colleges, and schools in China were shut down from time to time following the latest instructions from the provincial public health administration.

Instructors and students had to get used to online instruction. At the same time, holding physical academic seminars and conferences became an extremely challenging situation. Most of the conferences and seminars, as well as scholarly visits had to move to a virtual setting similar to our friends throughout the world.

Working under such constraints, with the great support from the ACBSP World Headquarters, the ACBSP China team made every effort to support ACBSP members in China while working and recruiting new members at the same time.

Since January 2020, the major achievements of ACBSP in China region include:

  • The Shanghai Business School achieved ACBSP accreditation in June 2020. The Economics and Management
  •  School of Ningbo University of Technology achieved ACBSP accreditation in June 2020.

These two schools had been working on ACBSP accreditation since 2016. After dedicated hard work, they were able to achieve ACBSP accreditation, the first of its kind in China, which means ACBSP accreditation is achievable from Chinese business schools. These two business schools serve as a very positive example for other Chinese universities.

ACBSP New Members

In addition, the following schools have now been approved for ACBSP membership:

  • Business School of Zhengzhou
  • University of Aeronautics Economics and Management
  • School of Shanghai Polytechnic University Shengxiang Business School of
  • Shanghai Sanda University Business School of Hanshan Normal University

Upcoming Online Site Visits

Two business schools have successfully completed the self-study reports and are expecting a site visit this Spring. They are:

  • Economics and Management School of North China University of Technology
  • Business School of Changshu Institute of Technology

Although the pandemic prevents people from international travel, with approval from the ACBSP Chief Accreditation Officer, virtual site visits will be organized for these two schools. As always, ACBSP serves every member carefully and facilitates the accreditation process for special needs due to the pandemic.

Since the opening of the Beijing Office, it has been so exciting to see the enthusiasm for ACBSP by schools in China resulting in nearly 20 member schools.

It is an honor to represent ACBSP throughout China and I believe ACBSP will continue to be successful in this country. We are looking forward to more remarkable achievements!