Ghanaian University Students Compete For The Title Of Quiz Bowl Champions

There are many exciting plans in 2022 for ACBSP’s operations in Africa, a region where we aim to see tremendous growth in the coming years. For Spring 2022, a selection of Ghanaian universities are participating in a quiz bowl competition between business schools, which I have had the privilege to lead.

The quiz bowl competition features six Ghanaian universities, including three public technical universities, competing for the title of Quiz Bowl Champions.

Each institution has five student participants and two faculty members as coaches for the competition, which is hosted by the University of Ghana Business School. Teams will participate in various rounds of answering business-related questions in an attempt to score the most points and defeat their competitors.

The competition began on February 24th and is expected to wrap up by this Spring, when students from one university will be crowned as the champions. The top schools will receive a cash prize, with the first-place winner earning a grand prize – the opportunity to attend ACBSP Conference ’22 this summer in Washington, D.C