The Great Resignation, Succession Planning, and The Great Attraction

The Great Resignation

How prepared are organizations?  Is there a succession plan in place? 2022 was a year of transition for ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs) as leadership has been strategic in recognizing the importance of sustainability.  We applaud the proactive approach to remaining resilient in a time when organizations are experiencing the great resignation, work-life balance realizations after the pandemic, and economic challenges with gas prices, food prices, interest rates, and challenges with adapting to educational modalities in this post-pandemic era.

Succession Planning

Many of our standards refer to succession planning whether this is leadership (Standard 1) or faculty hiring practices (Standard 3).  Succession, transitioning, resigning, attrition, or termination no matter the terms, being prepared and proactive is a sign of strong leadership and a healthy organization.  This creates sustainability with term limits for many organizations and governments to ensure continuous improvement, diversity, and succession.  The Associate Board of Commissioners has term limitations and members listed with terms below allow opportunities for our members.  We encourage Associate Degree members to become evaluators in preparation for these roles and other leadership roles in ACBSP.  Your contributions and your view of change management in business education are key to a transformative organization.

The Great Attraction

Many organizations have considered different approaches to continuous improvement in keeping people productive and understanding the importance of talent feeling valued, having a sense of belonging, and focusing on meaningful experiences.  No matter the approaches, going remote, hybrid, or face to face the post-pandemic approach is ever evolving and ACBSP is prepared to meet the needs of the membership and encourages the membership to be a part of the Great Attraction!

The Future

As a beloved member of our team steps into a new chapter of their career, we applaud Diana Hallerud for her dedication to ACBSP and her tireless pursuit of maintaining excellence in guiding the accreditation process through training, traveling, scheduling, and participation in site visits.  The meetings, the conferences, the reviewing, the wordsmithing of documents, the phone calls, and the ZOOM sessions.  We are honored and through words send you your flowers.   We welcome Dr. Lucie Depoo to the position of Associate Director of Accreditation and support her through this training process with Diana to ensure and promote the focus on our transformative global higher education organization.